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About us

We are a unique Proptech: we offer all our technical excellence and the use of our advanced technology to facilitate services and solutions in the management and maintenance of real estate.


SENSEDI is a unique proptech that, through its broad portfolio of technical, expert and maintenance services, carries out more than 60,000 interventions per year, combining technical excellence and technology with the aim of improving the efficient management of real estate.

The fully digitalised execution of services speeds up times, saves on paperwork and facilitates, through data capture, greater knowledge of real estate assets. This directly benefits customers and users, who can also exploit the data and visualise the status of the properties through an interactive and personalised virtual environment.

SENSEDI is founded under the name Ingenium Propietarios, a company specialising in the maintenance of real estate assets under its line of technical architecture services, but with a vision that is clearly committed to technological developments in the world of real estate services.

The company expands its portfolio of services by incorporating the execution of expert services and establishing itself as an expert firm specialising in real estate.

Implementation of technological developments that digitalise the execution of its services as the main differentiation proposal, with the clear objective of speeding up and reducing the cost of all processes while increasing quality.

It is established as the expert service provider for Mutua de Propietarios, the oldest company in Spain specialized in property insurance.

Following its commitment to technology as a differential value, SENSEDI debuts as Proptech with the launch of BIP (Building Information Platform), a tool to visualise, in a virtual 3D environment, all the information related to the state and maintenance of a property.

The Facility Management line is incorporated with repair and maintenance services.

We opened a new office in Madrid. Launch of its new CoP (Communication Platform) technological tool, a platform for remote services, once again pioneering services such as tele-peritations and/or remote control, monitoring and management of repairs.

The company continues its strong growth, exceeding 60,000 actions per year, and consolidating its value proposition that unifies the technical excellence of its more than 400 employees and technical partners with the use of technological developments that improve the quality, speed and transparency of information.

SENSEDI becomes a provider of expert opinions for BBVA Seguros, consolidating its leading position in expert opinions at national level.

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