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Building Information Platform (BIP) is a digital and interactive platform based in 3D reproduction of any building, automatically created in a few seconds without human intervention, where all the historical information related to the building is always accessible.

BIP breaks down the building, clearly differentiating their parts: facade, roofs, floors, common parts and/or installations. All the information of the building is showed on an interactive and personalized 3D display in association to the part or parts of the building to which said information refers.

BIP stores the history of interventions together with all the photographs taken, displays diagnostics of the state of the different parts of the building, and make recommendations in order to improve the building’s state of maintenance.

Through BIP, all the players related with the building (owners, real-state agents, Insurances Companies, architects, repairers, …) can capture and review technical data, maintenance information as well status and history of any element of the building.

The information allows owners and real estate agents to develop the best building maintenance plan to reduce monthly operating costs, avoid unplanned costs and keep the place where the people live in good condition, helping at the same time to reduce the loss ratio of insurance companies.

BIP allows you to:

  • Check a personalised 3D representation of the property.
  • Centralise all building information in a single tool.
  • Access details of all actions and repairs included in the platform, their associated photographs and resulting reports.
  • See action plans based on previous diagnoses.
  • Check the current state of the property and view the intervention history.
  • Consult the main characteristics and status of the property.
  • Save time making your management more efficient.
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